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Interpretation doesn’t help you allow you to change events; nothing does..  There’s been many a time that I’ve thought something through, time and again and still refuses to surface why I ‘chose’ a certain ‘path’ for example..

However, it does give you the freedom to choose how much importance you attach which events in your life. It is easy to confuse interpretations with information, We tend to ‘register’ some of information and ignore some at the same time.. it seems,  there we lose sight of how we came to various conclusions along the way.. because we often do not give enough ‘thought to our thinking’ process itself.

a serene scene

We watch, take in information, summarize and select what we choose to remember based on various assumptions, facts out of that summary. It’s refreshing to think we can be more ‘selective’ with this process. Many of us forget that it is an unconscious expression, also easily made to become a ‘conscious’ one.  To clarify situations in ones life, it often helps to clarify therefore changing the way we interpret. 

If we thought about each inference we made, life would pass us by.  Our intuitive reasoning is invaluable. People can and do reach different conclusions, even when they are working from the same pool of ‘info’.. assumptions verse fact are often misconstrued. If you view your conclusions as obvious, no one sees a need to describe how they got there.  With highly intuitive people, they rarely know, unless questioned closely..

If you become more aware of where your reasoning comes from, you become more aware of how important it is to your own thinking in the future. Which will help in the long run, with how one makes choices in life.  Smaller situations you’ll be looking more at factual points of the different situations and the conclusions, will hopefully feel more ‘concrete’.  As it will allow you to see what impacts on you and what you may have missed…

“The keys to the future lie hidden in plain sight because we are blinded by the glare of the present, by what paleontologists call ‘the tyranny of the near past’ and by other factors that contribute to the distorting lens of attitudes and biases that mediate our perceptions of the world” ~ Don Michael

Being flexible with the information comes from appreciating that no single event or person is totally responsible for your feelings. Neither is one cause at the root of anything.  In that light, try looking at what we have considered important moments in your life and what makes them important.  It’s a good place to start.  Both the strong and vulnerable sides of you in the situation..  Things that linked the aspects of the situation with parts of your character, don’t let us forget the underlying filters that we all have ‘in~built’ and now has to compensate for them by somewhat ‘studying’ them. Things that we must ‘expose’ our true feelings rather than our ‘strategies’ for hiding our feelings. This is the hardest part as over time integral defensive patterns come out as they are so ingrained in our system; that we believe them to be ‘us’…

Taking a critique of  your emotions is a crucial part of making a fresh start in your choice / decision making. This has all been something I am working on right now in my life… My next posting will be a lot ‘lighter’ I think..  *laughs*