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Feel the Force

If you believe the world is a hostile place, you don’t believe you have a choice and end up protecting yourself against the ‘hostile world’

Where there is a driving force for change, there usually exists a complementary force against it. Gestalt theorists describe this behaviour as resistance. It is not an absence of energy, but an energy that flows in a different direction. When resistance is consciously chosen, it is powerful and constructive. (Contrary to Borg belief, resistance is not futile).

A great deal of learning comes from recognizing the polarities in resistance. It is necessary for self~regulation and without it people cannot maintain their boundaries. So when you choose a particular course of action, not only will you need to accept a loss, you will also need to work with the resistance itself.

So does this suggest that, in order to understand what is important to us, we have to experience it first? Maybe we won’t know how important it is to us until we don’t have it. Many people talk about how important their family become when one of them becomes ill.  Or they only allow themselves to think of all the things they have ever wanted to do because they are sick, or come into a great deal of money. There is a reality here, clearly about what we need to survive in the world and what we have to give up in order to do so.  However, how much of that is what we want to have, rather than what we think we should or ought to have?

‘Through purely logical thinking we can attain no knowledge whatsoever of the empirical world’ ~ Albert Einstein

Could we have made a better decision anyway? Who knows? In the real world it is impossible to decide what makes a better decision, because you can see the effects of only one decision unfold in practice. What another decision would have achieved will forever remain unknown.

Therefore…. choose wisely, as they say.

Key to Wisdom


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